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Poinsettias: Not really poisonous?

by webdev

December 03, 2010

Although it is recognized as a traditional Christmas flower, the poinsettia may be avoided by some who are worried that their kids or pets may become poisoned if they ingest it.

The Texas publication The Tribune reports that the floral industry spent thousands of dollars to determine just how toxic the plant really is.

It enlisted scientists to use the procedure used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to test the effects of extracts of sap, leaves and stems on laboratory mice and found that the mice were not impacted at all by the plant.

While you still shouldn't plan on using a poinsettia in your favorite holiday recipe anytime soon, the good news is that even those who were most worried about the flower's safety no longer have to avoid these beautiful flowers, especially during the holidays.

Millions of poinsettias are sold in North America every year, according to the Telegraph-Journal newspaper.

Red remains the best-selling color, although many different hues are available. They include cream, lemon, peach and pink colors as well as white- and gold-splashed leaves, according to

Poinsettias make a wonderful addition to holiday décor at Christmas time.

Many may choose to gift these flowering plants to friends, family members and others during the holidays in addition to cut flowers or floral arrangements.


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