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Plant whisperer device makes buds talk

by webdev

February 16, 2011

Ever wondered what a flower would say if it could speak? Well, a new gadget invented by an ambitious programmer may finally make it possible, according to PC World. The device is known as The Plant Whisperer Project and can be used to help botanists understand the needs of their potted plants and flowers.

Every two hours, the nifty invention will measure the moisture levels of the soil and, from there, have flowers speak to their owners in the voice of a robot. If they need to be watered, the buds will say, "I'm thirsty." If it's perfectly content, it will exclaim, "I'm a happy plant!"

Sometimes, the foliage in question may just feel the need to speak its mind, with lines such as "I suggest you become a carnivore," the news source reports. This could be a helpful addition for any homeowner that constantly forgets to pay attention to the plant, or for office buds that are rarely noticed.

This isn't the only technological advancement meant to help out with the welfare of plants. recently featured an article about the DIY Electronic Watering System, which can actually be attached to the buds in question so that they are automatically watered whenever necessary.

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