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New flower trend: Glowing flowers?

by webdev

December 03, 2010

Forget about needing good light to showcase floral arrangements. Scientists have been able to engineer plants and flowers that light up on their own.

According to, scientists with the company BioGlow have transplanted the genes that allow marine bacteria to light up into tobacco plants.

The experiment marks the first time that plants have been made to glow on their own, according to Alexander Krichevsky, one of BioGlow's founders and an assistant professor of genetic engineering at the State University of New York in Stony Brook.

"All previously made 'glowing plants,' genetically engineered or not, had to be either sprayed with chemicals or illuminated with external light sources to produce a temporary glowing effect," Krichevsky told LiveScience in an email, according to the news provider.

Krichevsky says that although the recent experiment was a success, the desired glow the company is aiming for has not yet been achieved.

"We are sure we are going to make them glow as bright as fireflies," he said.

The company's work could result in fresh flowers that have glowing petals as well as shrubs and trees that light up and make the need for street lights obsolete.

"The only reaction I get is, 'Wow, I can get glowing roses for Valentine's Day,' " Krichevsky said.


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