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Minnesota artist preps for spring with colorful floral installments

by webdev

March 04, 2013

Minnesota is known for having the nation's biggest mall and harsh winters. However, thanks to artist David Cook, areas around Hastings now have pops of color and life amidst the dirty snow. The Pierce County Herald reports Cook, who previously created more industrial installments while living in Chicago, has changed his tune to more happy and pretty creations since living in the Twin Cities region.

The artist recently started a new project in which he's created a collection of large, brightly colored flowers that have been placed in different areas around the region. The flowers certainly don't look real, but provide a bit of optimism for spring, even though much of the area is still covered in snow. Artist David Cook has named his latest project "flower-bombing," an idea that has really come to life since its humble beginnings. 

Cook told the news source he first started to paint flowers in a more abstract way. Next, he decided to start sculpting large blooms out of various materials including glass, wire and light bulbs. Since then, he's visited junk yards and other outlets to help the project evolve. Now, the installments can be seen around town, and Cook enjoys driving around seeing people happily taking photos with the flowers. 

"I've been getting nothing but smiles," Cook told the news outlet. "That's what's so great about [the flowers]. I don't have to explain them. I can just sit back and let my work speak."

Even though it may be nice to have bold and fun flower installments around your region, it may not be possible. Luckily, you can still brighten up your home and yard with fresh delivered flowers to gain similar benefits.

Flower bombing in Minnesota

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