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Making your garden bouquets last longer indoors

by webdev

October 15, 2010

With winter on its way, many flower lovers may want to bring their garden harvest inside for home decoration. One way to keep blossoms lasting as long as possible is to condition plant stems and leaves, reports the Telegraph.

Too keep your flowers from rotting, you can use glycerine, an oily solution absorbed by plant cells which keeps the stem texture soft and supple.

The first step is to boil some water, then submerge the flowers in it for 30 seconds, or 60 seconds if you would like to preserve a plant with woody stems such as hydrangea flowers. Leave the flowers in a big bowl of water overnight.

The next day, make your glycerine mix using one part glycerine and two parts hot tap water. Leave the flowers for around two weeks in this mixture, which will help the stems and leaves maintain a silky smooth texture.

If you have recently purchased a bouquet of flowers, try keeping flowers in the fridge overnight to help preserve their freshness, suggests Flowers survive best in colder temperatures between 40-50 degrees. 


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