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Make it Interesting with Hydrangeas

by webdev

May 02, 2014

Make it Interesting with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are big, beautiful flowers, bursting with small, lacy florets that create a large and fragrant floral ball. They can be grown in different colors, like crispy white, green, blush pink, baby blue, purple or a lovely lavender. You can incorporate these stunning blooms into the decor for any event you have planned, and here are a few unique ways to do that:

Tasteful tablescapes

Whether you are designing the decorations for an elegant garden party or a grand wedding feast, make sure you don't forget these blooming beauties. Set up your tablescape with delicate lanterns in any color that matches your theme, surrounded by a ring of hydrangeas. Pick complimentary linens, flatware, dishes and glassware, and you will create a stunning display with a soft glow that emanates from the lanterns down the center of the table.

Modern floral statement

Mix luscious hydrangeas with other exotic-looking blooms for an ultra-modern look that will impress everyone! Opt for colored blossoms like . You can arrange these in a traditional glass or ceramic vase, or try a rectangular bamboo box for a more updated feel.

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blue hydrangea

Accented with fruit

Create colorful and fun centerpieces for any event, even if it's just Tuesday dinner on the patio! Fill a glass vase with whole lemons or limes (you can slice them too!) and stalks of plump hydrangeas. The white of the flowers will be a perfect contrast to the vibrant fruit colors, and the entire creation will make for a fresh and summery focal point.

Rustic wall art

For a truly unique way to decorate your deck or patio space, make a display yourself with a few mason jars, some twine and multicolored hydrangea blooms. Pick a few purple, pink and white ones to rest in the jars, and then string them up so they hang vertically down the walls of your deck. You have just created a piece of living art that is as creative as it is beautiful!

Customize your floral creation

Hydrangeas can also be dyed to match the colors of your decor. Simply fill a vase with water and a pint of lemon-lime soda. Add a teaspoon of bleach and some drops of food coloring to the water in any hue you like. More food coloring creates a deeper color. Cut the stem of a white hydrangea at an angle and set the flower in the vase. It will draw the water up through the stem and as the food coloring seeps into the petals they will change color.

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Pink Hydrangea Plant

Learn more about the Symbolism & Meaning of Hydrangeas.

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