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Long-stemmed, richly colored flowers ideal for drying

by webdev

September 23, 2010

Many people who are searching for ways to extend the life of their bouquets may attempt to dry their flowers. However, some blossoms will lend themselves to the process better than others. When searching for the perfect flowers to dry, stem length and color are the most important features to consider.

According to Kansas City InfoZine, the crested celosia, the blue salvia and gomphrena make wonderful dried flowers because of their long stems and strong holding colors. The long stems will allow florists to use the flowers for a variety of purposes, such as gluing the flowers into wreaths, using them in bundles or making potpourri.

Additionally, a rich color that holds through winter will dry well, preserving the original color as closely as possible.

When drying, flowers must be cut at their blooming peak and dried in a dark, hot place with little air circulation in order to desiccate the blooms as quickly as possible. According to the news source, an ideal place would be the ceiling of a garage or an attic.

The blue salvia is considered a perfect choice as its stem can reach over 10-inches long and the petals boast a deep, violet shade that is immune to fading in the light. The flower, which comes in white, lavender and a true blue, also makes a wonderful addition to gardens and bouquets, reports. 


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