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Keep flowers healthy and happy during the winter

by webdev

January 24, 2011

While arctic temperatures grip much of the country, homeowners may forget that they are not the only ones who don't like the cold. Whether one is planning to buy a best selling flower gift or just fresh flowers to brighten up the home, there are a few steps that should be taken to make sure that the buds last as long as possible.

Expert Baolin Zheng recommends that if one is taking a bouquet somewhere else, it's smart to cover flowers with plastic to protect them from the chill. If spring flowers are in order, then it may also behoove enthusiasts to think about how to tend to their tulips, according to The Daily New Canaan.

Zheng suggests that the best way to prolong the lives of these buds is by cutting about a half-inch from the stems every other day. Homeowners should also make sure to change the water to keep it clean.

If one opts for carnations, which are known for long lifespans, dropping a little bleach into the water can extend their life expectancy even more. Zheng also informs the news provider that it will "make the flowers plump up" so they will be bolder and more beautiful.

When receiving a flower gift basket, preparations should be made to make sure that they will be as healthy as possible, according to The Flint Journal. Each day, homeowners should try to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, because this can keep pests away.

Plants should be kept away from drafty windows or other cold spots in the house, but they shouldn't be placed next to heaters, because this can dry out the soil and dehydrate the blooms.

The news provider also suggests that green thumbs water their flowers less in the colder seasons, though water is still essential to long-lasting buds.

"The key is to keep the flowers drinking," industry expert Michael Crosby told MSNBC. "A flower is a living thing and it has to be fed and watered just like we do."

As soon as one gets a bouquet, it's best to cut off leaves that will underwater or they may end up breeding bacteria that can infect the whole plant. Stems should be parted just slightly, so that each one has room to breathe, and one should try to give them lukewarm instead of ice-cold water.

If one is receiving roses, it's best to cut the stems when they're already underwater, because this can prevent an air bubble forming that will cause the buds to droop.


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