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India flower show helps good causes

by webdev

February 21, 2011

Flowers are beautiful in their own right, but a recent show in India helped botanists contribute to even greater causes, according to The Times of India. This past weekend in Raj Bhawan, known as the government house, there were contemporary floral arrangements designed by schoolchildren that displayed messages such as "Say no to AIDS" and "Plant more trees and make city green."

Students also tried to use the show as a way to begin a no-plastic bags campaign.

"It was a double delight. First, it was a holiday and second, there were flowers all around which dragged us here,'' visitor Vineeta Singh told the news provider.

Some of the plants were edible vegetables that were nutritious and exotic. Grower Ram Bharti explained that, each year, he brings selections that many attendees have never seen before. This year, one of his popular items was a green cauliflower.

India has long honored the power of flowers and, to better help their continuing positive influence, the country's first flower auction center is being erected in the region of Patna, India, a separate article from The Times of India reports. The building will act as a trading place for anyone interested in buds, making them more accessible to people.


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