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How to keep plants healthy longer

by webdev

August 11, 2011

This summer has been one of the hottest in recent memory, with temperatures reaching the triple digits. However, just because some hate the heat, it doesn't mean that their gardens have to. Hot sun, high temperatures and lack of rain has caused many regions to see dry gardens that are causing plants to die. Water is the key to keeping a garden green this summer, but there are other tricks that can help, too.

Newly-planted trees and shrubs are the most sensitive to hot, dry temperatures, according to Gentle Gardens. Establishing strong roots on plants younger than 2 years old will protect them from drying up when the topsoil does. Gardeners can protect these young plants from the sun by wrapping trunks with tree wrap or painting dark bark with white latex paint.

Avoid dividing plants during these hot times, and mulch gardens, the news source suggests. Using two to three inches of mulch will trap the moisture and protect plant roots form the heat.

However, even with the best efforts, the sun may just get too strong. If the flowers in the garden are bringing the household down, consider decorating with flowering plants inside. There are many indoor plants or floral arrangements that can bring out the beauty of summer despite the weather.  

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