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Holland celebrates spring with flowers

by webdev

March 16, 2011

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer and the sun is in the sky for longer periods of time, there are celebrations all across the world taking place as people shake off the winter blues and celebrate the arrival of spring. And what better way to commemorate the new season than with beautiful, fresh flowers?

In Holland, there are a number of events that are being heralded by vibrant and energetic buds. One such project has been planned since October, when Germany's Ambassador to the Netherlands, Heinz-Peter Behr, painstakingly planted bulbs in the Keukenhof Gardens in anticipation of his arrival in the spring, according to The Toronto Sun.

Now, he and thousands of others will get to witness the fruits of his labor - a stunning rendition of Germany's Brandenburg Gate created completely from flowers. It will measure 23 by 13 meters, making use of more than 100,000 bulbs.

The design is expected to be the most popular at the Keukenhof Gardens, where the annual theme is Germany: Land of Poets and Philosophers. However, the gate won't be the only thing for attendees to see when the exhibit opens on March 24.

There will be many Germany-inspired gardens to glimpse, perhaps because the site is most often visited by Germans. In all, the Keukenhof Gardens offer 4.5 million flower types to see, for a total of 7 million bulbs, more than 2,500 trees and a walk of fame with roses that are named after famous people.

Botanists, gardens and other flower enthusiasts won't be the only ones who are pleased by the displays. The news source reports that art and fashion will also be featured.

The Netherlands celebrates spring in a big way - in addition to the gardens, there will be flower parades in the coming months. One of these travels 40 kilometers. Around 20 enormous floats will accompany the procession, as well as 30 luxury cars and marching bands, according to

Each year, the event attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. The floats themselves will be designed entirely from flowers and the cars will be dressed in many different colorful buds. reports that there will also be flower markets and auctions and another themed exhibit celebrating the work of the renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh.


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