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Helping Easter lily plants thrive

by webdev

April 27, 2011

Lilies are popular spring flowers for Easter and other occasions. While these beautiful blooms are often included in Easter flower arrangements, they are also commonly given as flower plants.

Those who received lily plants for the holiday should follow a few simple steps to keeping them looking great.

According to the Sioux City Journal, lilies require moderately moist, well-drained dirt. They should not be placed in drafty areas or hot areas near appliances, heating ducts and fireplaces.

"Lilies thrive in bright, indirect sunlight," plant expert Kathy Bogenrief told the newspaper. "Yet, they do not like glaring, direct sunlight."

Once the blooms on the plant have withered, lilies can be transferred to an outdoor garden spot and will continue to grow throughout the spring and summer.

Keep the plant watered and in indirect sunlight until you're ready to plant it outside. Bogenrief recommends a sunny location protected from whipping winds.

"People love Easter Lilies because they signify both rebirth and renewal," Bogenrief said. "Although we think of Easter Lilies with the holidays and springtime, they are equally as beautiful in the summer."


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