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Gaza now able to export flowers

by webdev

November 30, 2010

Israel lifted a small portion of its export ban on Gaza, allowing the exports of flowers and strawberries.

According to England's People's Daily Online, Israel allowed two trucks to leave Gaza carrying 20,000 roses and 5 tons of strawberries headed for sale in Europe. Palestinian organizations which represent farmers, as well as the Dutch government which buys most of the exports, both put pressure on the Israeli government amid discussions to negotiate the ban, according to the news source.

Hamdan Hejazi, a flower grower in Gaza, told the news source that this was the second time he was able to send flowers since the blockade started in 2006 and stated that he "hope[s] the crossings will remain open to export our roses, otherwise they will be animals' food like the past years."

According to the Christian Science Monitor, flower farmers planned to export their entire harvest of 35 million roses, carnations and chrysanthemums in 2009, the first time Israel lifted the flower ban.

Roses are a popular commodity in the region, with farmers growing 550,000 square meters of different roses each season, reports People's Daily Online.

Roses make an ideal cut flower and feature well on their own, as a single flower arrangement, or in a bouquet with other flowers.

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