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Football and flowers: Decor ideas for fans

by webdev

October 02, 2013

Football and flowers: Decor ideas for fans

While football and flowers might seem like an odd pair, the two actually go hand in hand. With the excitement of football season already here, you might find your family crowded around the living room on many evenings to watch the game. Or you may even decide to have a few parties with friends, meaning you'll definitely want to incorporate some themed decor.

So what better way to brighten up your home and celebrate your favorite team than with a festive bouquet? Flowers add a feminine touch to a traditionally masculine sport, and they're also a great way to show pride in your team.

The history of flower trends during football season

There are a multitude of longstanding trends that involve blossoms during football season, especially in the South. Garden Design reported that oversized mum corsages are a particular tradition in Texas and certain areas of Oklahoma. According to the source, this custom began sometime around the 1950s. October and November are peak months for chrysanthemum blooms, and it became common for high school boys to give their homecoming dates a corsage. Real mums were adorned with dainty ribbons for a charming pin.

Since everything is always bigger in Texas, though, these modest corsages grew in size over the years. Garden Design noted that flashing lights, miniature teddy bears and even air horns were included with the flowers. While the corsages cost roughly $3 in the 1960s, the price of pre-made mums can reach between $200 and $500 today. Girls are supposed to wear the corsages to school the day of the homecoming game.

Fun DIY ideas to incorporate flowers into your football viewing

There are plenty of ways to incorporate flowers into your football viewing, however, They make an obviously ideal centerpiece, especially with balloons. Try painting a plain metal or plastic bucket with your team's colors and applying stickers with the logo. After filling the container with flowers, fasten the balloons to the handles. If you can find a football trophy at your local thrift store or Goodwill, use it as a vase for some blooms in your team's colors. Simply remove the figure on top and insert the bouquet. Beer mugs emblazoned with your team's logo or a cup with a football koozie also make great vases. You could even use miniature helmets to hold potpourri petals for a unique decoration that offers a pleasant aroma on game day.

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by Michelle Farrell and published by Teleflora.


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