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Flowers that heal

by webdev

May 16, 2011

A recent study conducted at Rutgers University has proven that flowers have the power to positively impact one's mood and can help induce happiness.

While flower gifts are ideal to express a wide range of sentiments, including love, friendship, congratulations, sympathy and apologies, they have also been used for centuries for their medicinal powers.

Licensed herbalist Cathy Margolin recently told the Huffington Post that many blossoms are still used to treat a variety of ailments.

Viola flowers not only look stunning when included in a spring flower bouquet, but they are also believed to help treat fevers and bacterial infections.

Another common spring flower - the magnolia - is also used to treat ailments such as nasal congestion.

Other flowers with medicinal powers include the lonicera flower, the pagoda flower, chrysanthemums, safflower and the lotus flower.

While sending flowers has been proven to benefit emotional well-being, experts say individuals should not treat themselves to take advantage of their physical healing properties. Wrote Margolin, "they should be used in a balanced formula and dosed by a licensed practitioner. In Chinese medicine, herbs are always dosed together in formulas for safety and effectiveness."


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