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Flower color can influence mood

by webdev

June 10, 2011

Several scientific studies have proven that fresh flowers have a positive effect on an individual's mood, outlook and emotions.

At Texas A&M University, researchers found that workers' idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improved substantially in workplace environments that included flowers and plants.

And at Rutgers University, scientists found that individuals who received flowers had positive emotional reactions including improved moods and better social behaviors.

Experts also say that the color of the flowers in a bouquet or in a flower garden can influence the way people feel.

Horticulturist Dr. William Johnson recently wrote about the affect of different colored blooms in the Galveston County Daily News.

Red and yellow flowers, for instance, are instant attention-grabbers. However, it's been found that men tend to favor yellow-based reds (like scarlet), while women tend to favor blue-based reds (like burgundy).

Blue flowers have a calming effect, according to Johnson. When it comes to choosing blues, lighter hues are preferred over darker ones, if you want to send a message that promotes relaxation.

White blooms send a message of cleanliness, orderliness and precision. Mixing textures and adding other colors in with a white floral arrangement can help to soften a clinical feel.


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