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Flower arrangements can be simply and cheaply made

by webdev

November 03, 2010

Though people often purchase bouquets for occasions such as dinner parties or anniversaries, blooms are universally appreciated on any day of the week and can brighten your mood at the end of a bad work day or enhance the setting of a room. When selecting a flower arrangement, keep in mind that the bouquet can be inexpensive and uncomplicated and still be beautiful and heart-warming, according to The Montreal Gazette.

One way to keep costs down is to choose a single flower type for your floral arrangement. Five or six stems may be all that is needed to have the perfect blooming effect. "There is nothing more divine than four or five lilies in either bud or small vases displayed throughout the house," Carlos Mota, Elle Decor editor-at-large and author of Flowers Chic & Cheap, told the news source.

If you are on a tight budget, don't be shy to search online for a cheap bouquet.

Some types of inexpensive flowers that are easy to come by include carnations, daisies and mums. If you are using carnations, layer the stems and then tie them tightly so that blooms are bunched together to make them appear as one big flower.

If you plan on making adjustments to a floral arrangement, let your creativity flow. "Play until you get something you like. Don't be afraid," Eddie Ross, former Martha Stewart Living editor, told the Gazette.

Another way to enhance a bouquet is to separate the flowers first by type and then by color to help you identify what you have to work with. Keep in mind that flowers with similar shapes such as chrysanthemums and pom poms work well when tied tightly together.

Using household items as flower containers, such as Perrier bottles or soup tureens, can give a vintage vibe to the room's overall look. "I think that's the thing that creates the most beautiful arrangement -when it's not in a typical vase; it's all about the container, and it doesn't have to be specifically for flowers," Ross commented.

While flowers can make for a wonderful hobby for homemakers and crafters, they also have benefits for everyone at home. Beautiful blooms can have an immediate impact, increasing happy feelings and a long-term effect on mood improvement, according


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