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Entrepreneur hails healing powers of calendula

by webdev

January 13, 2011

Angelique Saffle of North Bend, Washington, has been making waves for her use of the calendula flower, a blossom which she has harnessed for its healing powers for human skin.

The SnoValley Star reports that Saffle has spent the last eight years studying and promoting the flower, which hails from the marigold family. Saffle reportedly grows and harvests her own blooms, which she then boils down to a calendula extract that she sells in her store.

The plant's healing properties come from the petals, which Saffle says contain a sticky resin that can cure a range of skin woes, the news source reports.

According to, marigolds are otherwise referred to as the "herb of the sun" and represent passion and creativity. Their more esoteric uses have historically included their incorporation in love charms, vision or dream catalysts placed under the pillow as well as water that, when rubbed on the eyelids, would induce psychic visions of fairies.

For a visionary sunflower bouquet, marigolds would complement the existing orange and yellow hues well and provide an alternative manifestation of a sun-like flower.

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