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Efforts mount to save U.K. wildflower from extinction

by webdev

January 14, 2011

Environmentalists in the U.K. are increasing their efforts to preserve the spiked rampion (Phyteuma spicatum), a rare wildflower native to East Sussex on the brink of extinction, the Sussex Express reports.

According to the news source, the skied spiked rampion, also known as the white Rapunzel, hails from the bellflower family and boasts "unusual cream-coloured spikes of flowers." Its presence is thought to be diminishing as it was previously thought to grow in at least 10 or 13 locations, but new information finds that it is only found in eight.

"If we had left it any later, it may have been too late, but we are optimistic that we can help boost its chances. With generous funding from SITA Trust, we hope to be able to secure flourishing populations of this spectacular plant for future generations to enjoy," environmentalist Dominic Price told the news source.

Flower enthusiasts who wish to send flower gifts featuring rare flowers without harming endangered populations can find plenty of unusual-looking blooms that still number plentifully around the globe. Orchids are common for their distinctive petals, while lesser-known blooms include the flor de muerto, nature's blackest flower that appears to be dead but thrives on roadside embankments, the aloe-like red-hot pokers also known as the torch lily and the sea holly, a cone shaped bloom featuring tiny blue flowers on metallic blue stems, according to TLC.

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