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Don't forget Thanksgiving flowers for the kids table

by webdev

November 18, 2011

The kids table at Thanksgiving is typically thought of as a less-sophisticated version of the adults table, where manners go out the window and fun comes first. However, that doesn't mean that the table has to look any less beautiful than the rest of the home.

In fact, finding the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece for the kids table is simply another opportunity to try new styles and blooms. While you may choose an ornate and elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece for the main table, HGTV recommends adorning the table with simple Thanksgiving flowers like chrysanthemums or cheerful orange and yellow carnations with daisies, like Teleflora's Rise and Sunshine arrangement. Save the arrangements that feature candles for the adults table or other places where children won't risk knocking them over.

The news source also recommends setting up some crafts on the kids table to keep them occupied while the adults are eating. Simply cover the table in brown craft paper and set up Thanksgiving-themed projects like hand turkeys or Native American headbands that kids can decorate with feathers and markers.

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