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Casino's popular tropical flowers

by webdev

July 14, 2011

Every Thursday morning the Casino MonteLago, which is located in Henderson, Nevada, switches up its display of tropical flowers, and they have become quite known for these exhibits, according to The Henderson Press.

The casino, which opened this past May, has received a lot of positive feedback for their weekly floral creations. They now host a "Cerimonia dei Fiore" meaning Flower Ceremony, for each week they showcase a new tropical flower arrangement, according to the media outlet.

"Flowers are like nature's fireworks," Jill Ann Ferrero, the designer, told the news source. "Their brilliant bursts of color light up a room ... just as fireworks light up the night sky ... and they are very much alike when it comes to producing lots of oohs and ahhs."

Tropical flowers are a popular decorative item in many situations. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the La Playa Hotel and Cottages-by-the-Sea uses these blooms to light up some of their rooms and spaces. They even use drawings of these flowers as backdrops for some of their furniture and wallpaper.

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