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Can flower essences improve your life?

by webdev

January 19, 2011

Studies have shown that receiving flower gifts can instantly improve mood.

According to the Daily New Canaan newspaper, researchers at New Jersey's Rutgers University found during a 10-month study that receiving flowers made people happy and helped depressed participants feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Using flower essences in the form of body oils, energy mists, and elixirs which you can ingest may also help change your mood, according to a report from

Organic Alchemist Katie Hess told the news provider that the essence of the red bird of paradise flower can help with motivation, focus and determination.

African daisy essence can help individuals be more playful and light-hearted while orchid essences improve kindness, gentleness and magnetism, according to the expert.

While flowers can differ in terms of the results their essences impact, sending them accompanied by a note about the effects the fragrances may have is an original way of expressing your feelings.

Whether you choose to send flowers based on their meaning or not, a floral gift is sure to convey feelings clearly, and will likely bring a smile to the recipient's face.


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