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Bumblebee reappears with the help of wildflowers

by webdev

October 08, 2010

Five threatened bee species have returned to the UK as result of environmental measures taken to improve habitat for the short-haired bumblebee, reports the BBC.

The five species were last seen in the UK in 1988 though they have survived in places such as New Zealand. Those at risk are the large garden bumblebee, the shrill carder bee, the shanked carder bee, the moss carder bee and the brown banded carder bee.

Measures to encourage the bees to return included putting pollen and nectar-rich flower types in the fields of Romney Marsh, a wetland area in Kent.

The project, run by Natural England, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the RSPB and Hymettus, was implemented last year. All five bee species have increased in numbers, "We hoped that we would begin to see results like this for these species but we really didn't expect to see it quite so quickly," Dr Nikki Gammans, project leader, told the BBC.

Bumblebees, which pollinate one-third of the world's food crops, feed off wildflower nectar. Wildflowers have dwindled in numbers in farmlands mostly due to human development, according to


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