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Bring nature to your winter table

by webdev

December 14, 2011

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, decorating the dinner table with a winter theme is an elegant and trendy choice. Better Homes & Gardens Magazine offers one decoration idea that will give your winter meal a whimsical, natural touch.

The magazine suggests making a chandelier for your table out of a branch, shoestring and hanging votive holders filled with tea lights. To make this stunning centerpiece, find a branch outside that runs almost the length of your table and has plenty of offshoots. Spray paint the entire branch white. When dry, attach clip-on songbirds to the branches - you can find these at craft stores. Place removable adhesive hooks on your ceiling, then hang the branch above the table using shoestring or twine. Once it is hanging, attach clear hanging votive holders from the branch using fishing line, and fill them with lit tea lights.

While elegant, this winter centerpiece will not take up any room on the actual table, leaving plenty of room for your favorite holiday dishes. However, if you would like to decorate the table with a bouquet of Hanukkah or Christmas flowers, there is ample room for something like Teleflora's Elegant Evening arrangement.

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