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Bring home the Rose Parade with beautiful fresh flowers

by webdev

January 19, 2011

Those who found themselves admiring the lovely roses - and irises, delphiniums and daises, to name a few - at the Rose Bowl may feel inspired to recreate bouquets of these fresh flowers at home.

However, it can be difficult deciding which blooms will best suit a household. The Pasadena Star-News recently shared the details of some of these buds, so that it can be easier to choose which one will be best for a household.

Roses are some of the most distinctive flowers. They can grow from 4 inches to 4 feet. While they can last in a variety of climates, those who are interested in decorating a home or plan to send roses to a loved one should be aware that these plants may need to be protected from pests.

Irises, on the other hand, are resistant to bugs and disease. They grow from one to three feet. When these buds are in midspring bloom, it's possible to come up with vibrant and beautiful combinations.

The news source states that delphiniums are slightly more delicate when it comes to climate, so they should be kept away from extreme heat and kept as moist as possible if one is looking to keep them fresh.

The versatile chrysanthemum offers flower-lovers a rich range of colors that can prove to be heartwarming gifts appropriate for nearly any occasion.

"Chrysanthemums have all sizes and shapes and colors of blooms, from tiny through tall," Yvonne Savio, the manager of a California garden program, told the news source. "They are the dependable fall bloomer."

They can grow to a height of about one to three feet and shouldn't be kept too wet.

Those who are looking for the ideal flower for a party or a dinner may instead turn to anthuriums. The anthurium flower meaning is understood to be hospitality, so it can add a warm touch to any home, according to These exotic, heart-shaped buds are generally a deep, brilliant red and grow from 15 to 20 inches.

Whether one is celebrating a birthday, wedding or homecoming, these flowers can have wondrous effects for any occasion. The bright, distinctive colors of a dozen red roses or a mixed bouquet that offers a little of everything can make the event that much more special.

One may also consider using flowers as a centerpiece for a living room coffee table to add a touch of the natural world to a space.


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