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Bees can calculate quick routes between flowers

by webdev

November 01, 2010

A new study conducted by researchers in the UK has revealed that bees are able to quickly calculate the shortest route between flowers, according to FOX news.

Though bees have brains the size of a small seed, they are able to calculate the quickest path between spring flowers at lightening speed - a task that would take a computer days.

"There is a common perception that smaller brains constrain animals to be simple reflex machines," Mathieu Lihoreau, a researcher from Queen Mary's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, told the news source. "But our work with bees shows advanced cognitive capacities with very limited neuron numbers."

The new discoveries not only provide insight into the minds of bees, but also may help researchers make human roadways and traffic patterns more efficient, according to the news source.

Scientists discovered this new information by using computer-controlled artificial flowers. Bees were quickly able to find the shortest path from flower to flower after they had explored the location of each blossom.

Flowers may also help humans develop their own mental capacities. According to research performed at Rutgers University, a bouquets of flowers in one's home can help boost both mood and memory.

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