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Beat the cold, flu or other winter illnesses with fresh flowers

by webdev

December 18, 2012

The cold weather is finally here and despite many attempts to stay healthy - washing your hands constantly, covering your mouth when you sneeze - certain people may have come down with something. If you've been hit with the flu or just a nasty cold or cough, there are a few ways to help speed up your recovery time.

Discovery Health reports one of the best ways to get rid of a flu or the cold fast is through using medicine, but not necessarily antibiotics. It may be best to try over-the-counter decongestants or sinus-relievers rather than get antibiotics, as antibiotic-resistance is a growing problem around the nation. If you're confused about what products to take, ask a pharmacist for help.

Other remedies like eating clear broth-based soups and taking vitamin C boosters have also been found to aid in the recovery process. A less-known tip is keeping green flowers or plants in the home. This works to keep people healthier by removing certain toxins in the air and by boosting fresh oxygen levels. Having a plant like Teleflora's Amazing Arboricola delivered to your home may work to keep your family healthy all year long as the plant is known to reduce indoor air pollution. Such pollution can aggravate your sinuses, making you feel congested.

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Amazing Aboricola Plant


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