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Amaryllis makes great holiday gift

by webdev

November 29, 2010

Amaryllis is reportedly making a big sweep as a holiday gift-giving trend this year.

According to Melody Parker of Iowa's WCF Courier, the "voluptuous, vibrant blooms are enough to cause a cold sweat in most gardeners," and there are more easy-to-grow varieties of the bloom than most people think.

Parker writes that the South African native was adapted to its more manageable size in South America, and the family now includes large and double-flowered amaryllis, which come in monochrome and striped varieties of reds, whites and pinks, as well as trumpet amaryllis, which resemble lilies for their shape. Additionally, amaryllis come in a small-flowered form, which make an easy addition to indoor winter flower displays.

For a more exotic challenge, Parker recommends butterfly amaryllis, which can take up to four months to grow, as well as cybister amaryllis, which look like orchids and come in a variety of shocking colors.

These delightful blooms also make great gifts and enticing additions to virtually any bouquet. According to, the flowers are easy to maintain and only require a small amount of fertilizer. With the right amount of sun, feeding and watering, amaryllis will last into next year, according to the website.


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