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Weeding or wedding, green flowers are the darling of the summer season

Today’s post is from expert florist Tim Farrell of Farrell’s Florist in Drexel Hill, PA, www.farrellsflorist.com.

With summer weddings in full swing, we just can’t help wondering what’s new with brides, grooms and flowers.

So we asked an expert to give us the scoop. Tim is one of our 16,000-strong network of floral specialists;

Tim Farrell ,florist

Summer weddings of 2013 are taking on a few new twists! Brides today are looking for something to make their special day different, especially if they are in a circle of friends who frequent each other’s weddings, as if they were all members of the wedding-of-the-month club.

“Signature” looks seem to be what are selling best these days. Brides are becoming more open to letting go of all of the formality and stuffiness in lieu of a look that is fun or memorable and unique to “her special day”.

Some of the looks that are selling well for bouquets for brides and bridesmaid are collections of flowers that are unexpected. Orchids have become very important and many brides are pairing them with contrasting texture. Thistle or celosia make for a very interesting bouquet.

Green orchids are tres chic at weddings.
green orchid bridesmaid bouquet
Photo credit: The Knot

Greens continue to be a favorite. When paired with whites, they are perfect for a summer bridal bouquet. Green flowers like buplerum, green dendrobium orchids, and green ranunculus have been very popular.

Specific varieties like Super Green Roses have been strong and  “Alice Anderson” is a green cymbidium orchid that has a chartreuse green color accented with a burgundy marked throat. Combining “Alice Anderson” cymbidiums with gloriosa lilies is exceptionally dynamic.

One other stunning green orchid is a member of the Lady Slipper orchid family. It is called Paphiopedilum maudiae and is a green orchid hooded with a white canopy striped in green. It really is stunning. When nestled in a pillow like bouquet of white stock, you have a most interesting contrast of texture.

Receptions are also being influenced by these trends. Brides are now enjoying the option of varying the centerpieces at the reception venues. Sometimes we will have a variety of containers, maybe all different copper vessels, maybe antique glass filled with similar combinations of flowers. Design styles even change from table to table, but the combination of flowers unify the whole event.

In any case, brides are looking for something that will make their wedding a unique celebration and the flower designs created by a professional designer can make all the difference in achieving that look!

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