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Trees become new trend among mourners

Giving the gift of flowers has always been a common trend when someone has lost a loved one, and even though sending gorgeous bouquets continues to be a lovely gesture, some people are opting to send their condolences with a different kind of offering. Greenville News reports that, thanks to local nonprofit organization TreesGreenville, many mourners looking to honor a lost friend or family member are deciding to plant entire trees in their name.

Trees of remembrance

The Living Legacy Fund, a section of TreesGreenville, allows interested people to donate $25 or more, for which the organization will plant a memorial tree in the recipients honor. Though a message is sent to the family members or next of kin to the lost loved one, an exact spot of where the tree is planted is not divulged. Mary Lou Jones, whose daughter founded the organization, reports people aren't told where the trees are planted in case it dies or something else happens to it. Leaving it a bit of anonymity ensures the spirit of the person lives on.

"By not having an X marks the spot, it takes away the 'What if the tree dies?" We don't want open up any painful wounds," Jones told the publication.

According to the news source, most tress are planted in public parks, at schools, in neighborhoods or other areas were they'll be taken care of by the city. TreesGreenville has a 99 percent survival rate of the more than 3,000 trees planted over the past eight years.

Plants for peace

Plants and flowers have long been a gesture of condolence for those who are grieving. The Greece Post reports a special tree planting was recently held at the Allen Creek Elementary School in Pittsford, N.Y., to help honor the students and teachers who lost their lives during the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The "Peace Tree" in front of the school was thought up by local teacher Jack Sullivan and his newly-created group, Catherine’s Peace Team. Sullivan is the cousin of Catherine Hubbard, one of the victims of the devastating shooting. Hubbard's mother Jenny was on hand to celebrate the peace tree and reported the offering is helping her heal.

"I see so much more, than a plaque and a tree." Jenny told the news source. "I see peace, I see love, and I see kindness."

Sullivan shared a similar sentiment adding Catherine was a kind and loving soul who would have loved to be a part of the Peace Team. 

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