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Top wedding flower trends for spring

springPretty in Peony Bouquet

Flowers are beautiful on any day, though they tend to be a major component at a wedding. If you're planning for your special day, it might be smart to learn the top trends in spring wedding flowers for 2013. Bridal Guide and Huffington Post recently broke down some major styles set to rock the wedding world this year. Here are some of the most important things to know:

Exotic touches
The days of roses, lilies and other gorgeous blooms seem to be numbered, as the news outlet reports using more exotic flowers is set to be the norm in 2013. Last year was all about being natural and using wild flowers, while this year will see a ton of textured bouquets mixed with deeper, luxurious blossoms, including protea and lotus pods. 

Jewel hues
A great way to add a pop of color to your upcoming nuptials is through your flowers. If you're looking to be on trend with this idea, then jewel tone blooms are the way to go. Colors like deep purple, plum and even navy blue are all the rage this season, while softer pastels are on their way out. Using Teleflora's Zen Artistry bouquet as your centerpieces might be a great idea. This gorgeous mix of purple orchids, mini bamboo and fresh greens stands out on its own, but gains even more attention thanks to its kiwi-colored square dish. 

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