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Top ways to surprise your love this February 14

Your girlfriend might be anxiously awaiting February 14 to see what you have in mind for gifts and romance, so a great way to make her wait a bit longer is to pretend like you have nothing planned. This may seem a bit mean-spirited at first, but as long as you make up for the deception with your surprise, she’s sure to forgive you. Here are the top ways to pull the fake-out off:

1. Leave before she wakes up
In order to pull off your ultimate plan, you’ll need to get sneaky. Try to set your alarm and leave the house before your sweetheart wakes up. She’s sure to be surprised – and disappointed – to see you gone, with no Valentine’s Day present left in your wake. This is the first part of the surprise!

2. Keep texts discreet
Even though it might be nice to avoid talking to your girl altogether on this day, being too cold might ruin the mood. Instead, keep the conversations simple answering with “yes” and “no” to avoid getting caught. 

3. Unveil the ultimate surprise
By the time your lady gets home from work on Valentine’s Day she’s probably going to be less than thrilled with you. However, this will all change as soon as she walks through the door. To make the night special, create a path of rose petals to the kitchen and have it end with a gorgeous bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses like Teleflora’s Kiss of the Rose bouquet with a note that details the next plan of action. Whether it be to meet you at a fancy restaurant or to head up stairs to enjoy a bubble bath while you cook, she’s sure to be happy with how the night turned out.

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Kiss of the Rose Bouquet

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