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This Memorial Day, remember lost soldiers with poppies

May 27 is fast approaching, and that means people nationwide will soon be celebrating Memorial Day. While this holiday was created to honor the brave Americans who gave their lives for their country, many individuals cannot help but think about flowers on Memorial day.

Those who had relatives killed in combat may visit the cemeteries where they are buried and plant some flowers at their final resting place. Others choose to lay a wreath of colorful flowers at the graves of the dearly departed. Then, there is the flower that has become synonymous with Memorial Day – the poppy.

According to the American Legion Auxiliary's website, the military's connection to the poppy began during World War I, when the flower became a symbol of soldiers' sacrifice, as well as the hope they gave their lives for.

This year, organizations like the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 16 of Winnsboro, S.C., will make and distribute their own poppies, the Herald Independent reported. On Memorial Day, some people will come across paper poppies, while others will find flowers made of cloth. However, there is no reason why individuals cannot seek out the real thing once this very special day rolls around.

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