Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and for guys looking to go all out on a budget, this could pose a few challenges. Let’s face it, taking your girlfriend to a fancy restaurant might be delicious, but also very costly. Here are a few ways to splurge on romance, without breaking the bank:

A great way to shower your girlfriend or wife with love this February 14 is to have a romantic date night in. Plan to cook a fabulous meal together and then enjoy the fruits of your labor while watching one of your lady’s favorite romantic comedies. Surprise her with a tasty dessert like chocolate​-covered strawberries or molten lava cake to sweeten the deal.

If you really want to make your girlfriend weak in the knees, try taking her on a trip down memory lane. Grab your gal and go on a trek to all of the places around town where your relationship bloomed. This could be a park, restaurant or any other place you two had a blast together. Make the night even more romantic by having a bouquet of Valentine’s​ Day flowers waiting for her at the last stop. A collection like Hold Me Close Bouquet by Teleflora is sure to evoke some tears. The passionate bouquet of lovely lilies and radiant roses, artfully arranged in a pretty pink vase, is one she’ll hold close to her heart forever.

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Hold Me Close Romantic Bouquet