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Spruce up your office with fresh plants

Most people spend five days a week or more cooped up in their office, earning the space the title of employees' second home. Even though you might not want to get too invested in your space, it may be nice to spruce it up a touch in order to make the room feel a bit more personal and comfortable. 

A great way to enhance the decor while boosting oxygen levels in your office is by purchasing green plants to store on your desk, a shelf or any other spot you desire. Before you pick out a pretty plant, it's important to figure out which ones will thrive in an office setting. 

Garden Know How reports if you're a beginner, it may be smart to stick with plants like the pothos or the spider plant since both of these options require low levels of light and minimal care. On the same note, if you're interested in using the plant both for style and to reduce pollutants in the air, picking up either a peace lily or dracaena plant might be best. 

The peace lily is known for being tolerant of low light and for cleaning up the air, while the dracaena helps rid the air of an assortment of pollutants, according to the news source. Teleflora's Small Garden Dish might be a great addition to your office. This collection of dieffenbachia, dracaena sanderiana and variegated ivy is sure to improve your space and your air quality.

Medium Dish Garden
Dish Garden of Plants

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