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Spotlight on Thomas Kinkade: ‘Starry Night’ Christmas Bouquet

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Spotlight on Thomas Kinkade: ‘Starry Night’ Christmas Bouquet

You'll hardly find another artist who embodies the spirit of Christmas quite like Thomas Kinkade. Known as The Painter of Light, he harnessed all of his energy and passion and put it on canvases and later, into music, books, textiles and other crafts that have inspired people all over the world. Christmas was definitely one of this artist's favorite times of year, as he frequently depicted festive scenes and themes in his work. That's why it's the perfect time to usher in some holiday cheer with his "Starry Night" bouquet. Whether you're placing this stunning Christmas flower arrangement in your own home or sending it as a present to a loved one, it's sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit.

Send Thomas Kinkade’s Starry Night Bouquet by Teleflora
Thomas Kinkade's Country Christmas Homecoming Bouquet by Teleflora

About Thomas Kinkade, the artist

Thomas Kinkade, who came from the small town of Placerville, Calif., was already an acclaimed illustrator when he dedicated his whole live savings into printing his first lithograph. The fact is, Kinkade was not aiming to becoming rich or famous – he just wanted to share with the world what motivated and inspired him.

Throughout his career, Kinkade didn't just use his talent to bring beauty to art galleries and homes. He also painted to support schools, hospitals and humanitarian organizations. It became clear that he had found a new purpose for his art. He composed custom art for The Salvation Army, Hurricane Katrina relief and Rotary International. The walls of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital also feature his images. It became clear that Kinkade's work was not only meant to be decoration. In fact, his art had an innate power. Over the course of his life, he was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade – The Painter of Light

Thomas Kinkade and the Christmas connection

Christmas is the season of giving, and Kinkade truly embodied that sentiment. Ultimately, he simply wanted to bring joy and peace to people's lives through his images. While he was a Christian, Kinkade aimed to move people of all faiths.

"Christmas is the season when I wrap myself in warm memories," said Kinkade. "I remember the enchanting times we had hanging ornaments when my kids were young and my own delight at the colors of Christmas lights."

There's even a movie about his strong emotional ties to this holiday called "Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage," which stars Marcia Gay Garden and Peter O'Toole. In the film, a young Kinkade comes home from college at Christmas time and finds that his mother may be losing their family cottage due to foreclosure. He then realized his calling as the Painter of Light and with the aid of his mentor, works to help his town rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

Starry Night: flowers and Thomas Kinkade collectible chapel

Though Kinkade passed away in 2012, his spirit lives on in the Starry Night arrangement. A hand-sculpted and hand-painted chapel beams from the center, accented by a hand-arranged display of red spray roses and fresh winter greens. Lush red berries and pristine frosted pinecones give the whole display an elegant feel. The best part about this gift is that it can be enjoyed for many holiday seasons to come. Even after the blossoms have matured, the keepsake Christmas centerpiece continues to light up any room.

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