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Reuse that vase

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but if cut, they only last so long. If you received a Teleflora arrangement, however, you also received a vase that will continue to be a beautiful display piece in your home – if you’re short on ideas for creative ways to use that gift, let us give you some starters!


Vase with candles - image source dimi3 via Flickr; creative commons attribution only licensed photo

  1. Make it a candleholder – If the vase is glass or ceramic, it can be made safely into a candleholder. Depending on the size and shape of the vase, you can simply drop in a pillar type candle, or you could add a firesafe medium like sand or coffee beans and place a small votive candle on top.
  2. Use it as a candy jar or dish – Just drop some candy in and – voila! – candy dish! Check first that the vase says it’s FDA approved for food so you can decide whether the vase can hold loose candies or wrapped candies. All recent Teleflora products are clearly marked as food safe if FDA approved.
  3. Use decorative pieces in a still life collage – Many Teleflora keepsakes are not ‘traditional’ vases. Especially the more sculptural pieces, like the ’48 Ford Truck which is popular for Father’s Day, go great in still life displays on a table or in a curio cabinet. By selectively displaying a few pieces you own together, you can make a special grouping that makes a great impact.
  4. Try making sand art – One craft I love in clear glass vases is filling them with sand art. You can buy colored sand at craft stores or refer to resources like this article on Craftelf to find out how to make your own colored sand. Then just pour the various colors of sand in layers to make your own sand art!
  5. Use them as desk accessories – If you ever visit Teleflora’s creative team, you’ll see that many of the people who help design and create our vases use the smaller sample vases on their desks as pencil cups, paper clip holders, and so on.

Or you could always take the vase to your local florist and fill it up with flowers again!

Get more vase ideas from Teleflora’s Pinterest board

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