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November Wedding Bouquet Trend: Use White Flowers

Even though summer weddings are the most popular, winter weddings have their own unique beauty. Soft blankets of snow provide a romantic seasonal backdrop for winter nuptials, and the cold air makes everyone look fresh and pink-cheeked. This November, many couples are choosing white florals for bridal bouquets and other arrangements that complement the season perfectly. If you're interested in taking part in this trend, here are a few flower options you can incorporate into a white-on-white floral theme:

Almost as popular for weddings as red roses, white roses are pretty and classic. Like a bride's white gown, this specific color of rose signifies purity and innocence along with love, which makes it perfect to include in a wedding bouquet. 

Long-stemmed lilies are used often in wedding bouquets for their elegant trumpet look. If you're looking for a simpler bouquet, lilies are a clear choice because they're beautiful and eye-catching as a standalone floral. 

Baby's Breath
The multitude of tiny clustered flowers in baby's breath fill out and accent wedding arrangements beautifully, and they add texture and unique style that other flowers don't. Baby's breath is a great addition to an all-white bouquet because it will stand out from the other flowers in the arrangement, making the bouquet that much more visually exciting.

White chrysanthemums, or mums, have big multi-petaled blossoms that look amazing. Mums are great for brides who want a fuller bouquet than just roses or lilies can provide, and they look beautiful as part of a mixed arrangement.

White Kale
Not just great for salads, this flowering winter plant is an exciting choice for November wedding bouquets. When paired with more traditional white flowers, the kale looks stunning and distinctive. Plus, it stands out from other white flowers because of its outer green leaves. 

Peonies are thought to symbolize a happy marriage, so they're a fitting addition to wedding florals. The fluffy blossoms on peonies look amazing in mixed flower arrangements or on their own. 

Like baby's breath, hydrangeas have multiple smaller blossoms, but they have a much fuller appearance. For a playful and romantic look, pair hydrangeas with roses in your wedding florals.

For outdoor ceremonies or photo shoots during winter weddings, do your best to keep your florals dry and safe from the cold, windy and wet weather so they don't begin to wilt. Keep the flowers covered or indoors for as long as possible so they look fresh in all of your pictures. 

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