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Improve dry air in the home with green plants

Winter comes with a lot of beauty, but it also brings a lot of problems. Not only do you need to prepare for storms and the impending cold weather, but you may also have to deal with other issues such as dry air in your home.

The latter issue is a result of the air outside having low humidity levels, WebMD reports. The air can cause people to have dry noses and mouths, problems with their sinuses and dry skin. You may be wondering how to improve the conditions in your home and one of the best ways is to invest in a humidifier to help bring more moisture into the rooms.

However, a prettier way to boost the oxygen levels and add some moisture in the house may be through purchasing green flowers or plants. Teleflora's Serene Retreat dish garden of plants may be a good place to start as the mix of dieffenbachia, spathiphyllum, white hypoestes, variegated ficus and Boston fern are sure to improve the dryness of winter, while enhancing your home decor.

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Serene Retreat Dish Garden Plants

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