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How to Use Fresh Flowers in Office Settings

How to Use Fresh Flowers in Office Settings

Nothing brightens up a drab office like flowers. Not only can plants enhance the ambience in the office, but they can also help reduce stress and reduce air pollutants. Studies have even shown that flowers and plants can increase worker productivity, since they provide a comfortable, warm environment. Here are some ways to use fresh flowers in office settings:

First off, the best plants for an office are those that require little care. Although the greenery might serve as a bright spot that stands out from the desks and computers, you have enough work to do without remembering to water twice a day. Be sure the flowers can be left over the weekend, in case employees don't want to bring them home. It's also best to stay away from scented flowers. The same way wearing perfume or cologne to work might trigger fragrance-based allergies or be unpleasant to nearby co-workers, scented flowers spell trouble. Lastly, forget about the plants that need a lot of sun – withering flowers are not going brighten anyone's mood.


Give a warm welcome to your clients and customers with flowers. Teleflora's Peaceful Zen Garden would be great to put at the entrance to greet customers or clients with positive first impression. The low-maintenance succulents are featured in a brown bamboo container and accented by river rocks and natural river canes of bamboo.

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Succulent plant arrangement

Window View

Place any plants that require a little extra TLC along the windowsill or on a table by the outdoor light. With live plants complementing street views or skylines, the flowers can make employees feel like they are outside.

Desk Pick-Me-Up

Place a flower pot on your desk next to the computer to provide a refresher from staring at the screen all day. The Regal Orchids arrangement has been known to attract compliments. Displayed in a gorgeous white planter, three miniature phalaenopsis orchid plants shine white, lavender and green amid a bed of zen river rocks. The vibrant colors can lift your mood and make you feel more relaxed – oftentimes a much-need change of pace from the demanding schedule of day-to-day work.

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Orchid plants

Hanging Plants

Some companies hang the plants from the ceiling. If your office has limited space and reasonably low ceiling, these plants can help you save room and still get the best of the flower world.

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