The lovely chrysanthemum is the flower that represents the month of November. Fans of the flower, or of people born in this month, may want to learn a bit more about the colorful blossom. The University of Minnesota reports these flowers, commonly referred to as mums, are popular perennials. They come in a variety of colors and are able to grow in multiple sizes ranging from dwarfs to giant shrubs.

Plant them in the yard
A great way to show off your love for chrysanthemums is to devote a section of your garden to the pretty blooms. These flowers are best when planted in the springtime after the frost has subsided. You could also start planting the blooms during the fall in large planters you can pick up at local garden centers.

Press the flowers for crafts
Since late fall and winter are not the ideal times to start planting the beautiful blossoms, fans of the flowers may want to instead purchase a bouquet of them and use a few of the best ones for pressing. Once the flowers are flattened, you can use them to make fabulous crafts including jewelry or even coasters to give away as presents during the upcoming holiday season

Give an arrangement of chrysanthemums to friends with November birthdays
November birthday flowers that consist of a collection of mums and other beautiful blossoms is sure to impress a friend or loved one. Teleflora’s Forever Fall bouquet may be perfect as it is a lovely combination of orange roses, yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums and orange cushion spray chrysanthemums accented with fresh greenery.

Forever Fall Bouquet

Forever Fall Bouquet