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Hello, 2015! Dazzling New Year’s Eve Ideas

New Year's Eve is an exciting time no matter how old you are because it's a celebratory end to the holiday season that's all about new beginnings. Plus, you get to spend time having fun with family and friends, and it's so exciting to share with them the moments leading up to midnight, no matter what you're doing. Whether you're planning on spending New Year's with the kids, at a huge party or at a small get-together, you'll be sure to have a great evening. Take a look at these four ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve:

1. Make it a Family Affair
If you're planning on keeping your celebrations home-bound with the kids, you have plenty of options for making the evening memorable for everyone. It's a good idea to plan the activities out first so you know you have enough to do to keep everyone from falling asleep before midnight. Spend time making New Year's crafts and decorating noisemakers, cooking up some treats with each other and talking about everyone's best memories of the year. You can even have each child write down their goals for the next year! Have a delicious family meal, play games and don't forget to turn on the Times Square celebration before midnight. The kids will love spending a fun evening together, and they'll be excited to stay up past bedtime. If you have smaller kids, get them in bed earlier by learning about a different country and celebrating midnight when they do, several hours ahead of your time zone. 

2. Host a Great Party
New Year's Eve parties are a lot of fun to host because it's hard for people not to enjoy themselves on such a festive night. Have plenty of appetizers (don't forget the traditional black eyed peas) and desserts, and offer guests sparkling wine and nonalcoholic drinks. If you're inviting guests with kids, make sure to have a place for the little ones to go if they start getting tired. Also, don't forget to decorate the house for the exciting night. Use streamers, flowers and confetti to get everyone into the party spirit! Adorn the porch with welcoming decorations, and have bouquets on the buffet table: Try simple tulip arrangements, like Teleflora's Tulips and Pine or Passionate Purple Tulips, for simple and colorful table decor. 

3. Make a Fancy Meal
Not everyone can stay up until midnight, so some people like to invite friends, family and neighbors over for a nice dinner, rather than a midnight celebration. If you want, give guests the option of staying until midnight and have an assortment of games and activities to keep everyone awake and energized until the big moment arrives. For the meal, consider options that go well with Champagne and other sparkling drinks, or organize a potluck and have everyone bring a favorite dish (just don't eat lobster – some say it's bad luck to eat this particular shellfish on New Year's Eve!). The evening is all about glitter and shine, so don't forget a beautiful centerpiece, like Teleflora's Toast of the Town bouquet, which features white roses, gerberas and mums in a silver-flecked vase. 

4. Get Out of Town
If you and your partner are looking for a unique way to celebrate the holiday, why not take a quick romantic trip? Since it's a federal holiday, many companies give their employees New Year's Day off, so it's a great time for couples to go on a super short getaway. Travel somewhere fun and exciting, and celebrate the night together in any way you want. Head to a bar where you can celebrate with strangers or have a romantic night in with Champagne and candlelight. Getting away, even for just a few short days, will start the new year off right, and you'll both remember the night forever. 

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