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Fun ways to use flowers in your home for the holidays

There's no doubt you're already getting in the Christmas spirit, decking the halls and trimming the tree and eagerly engaging in all your other favorite traditions. As this joyful holiday approaches, there are other ways to make your living space look, feel and smell more inviting with the help of beautiful flowers.

Whether you want to brighten up your foyer or your bathroom, here are a few ways to incorporate blooms into your home this Christmas:

A blossoming tree
Of course, twinkling lights and sparkling ball ornaments are a must on your Christmas tree. What about adding flowers? There's no better way to add an unexpected touch of romance to your tree, and it's relatively easy to do. Consider painting artificial blossoms with silver or gold paint, punching a hole through a petal and securing them onto a branch with ribbon in a festive color. You could also use fresh flowers on your Christmas tree by placing them in water vials. Be sure to choose varieties that are particularly long-lasting.

Floating florals
If you're trying to fill up some extra counter space or an empty spot on your mantle, why not float some delicate flower petals in an elegant silver or crystal bowl? Be sure to select red or white blossoms, which offer a holiday flair. You could even add some scented votive candles to the bowl. 

Stuff your stockings
Who says stockings have to be filled with presents? Of course, your kids will be expecting some treasures inside them on Christmas morning, but until Santa Claus comes, they'll look spectacular with flowers and pine peeking out of them.

Snowy scenery
Maybe you're dreaming of a white Christmas and it just doesn't seem to be in the forecast. In that case, have a white floral arrangement fashioned to look like snowballs. Pure white carnations are the perfect option for crafting these darling decorations, which you can place on your mantle or at the center of your dining table.

Scents of the season
The spicy aromas of the holiday season pair nicely with the smell of flowers. Try making a winter wonderland potpourri, which you can place in your foyer or in your bathroom for a heavenly scent. Mother Earth Living's recipe requires 1 chopped vanilla bean, 4 cups red rose petals, 2 1/2 cups lavender flowers, 2 cups each anise hyssop flowers, flowering tops of peppermint, pink rosebuds, oakmoss, and sweet woodruff leaves, 1/2 cup each allspice berries, aniseed and cloves, and 1 cup each cinnamon chips, pine needles, holy basil tops and chopped calamus root. After combining all of those ingredients and stirring them to blend, add 1/2 teaspoon tangerine essential oil, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon essential oil and 1/4 teaspoon pine or fir essential oil and mix well.

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