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Forget the Apple, Give Your Teacher Flowers!

The school year is just about to begin, and what better way to start off the year than by getting on your teacher's good side? You can go ahead and bring your teacher a shiny red apple, but chances are, most of the other students will as well. Set yourself apart from the rest of the class by giving your teacher something he or she  can cherish ​long after snack time is over. Flowers can be the ideal addition to a teacher's desk or window, so make his or her year by giving this creative gift.

What Flowers to Give
If you are in school, it is more than likely that a large bouquet of calla lilies is a little bit out of a student's price range. Start off your decision making by finding a flower that will be sturdy enough to last a long while.  

Flowers that are in season tend to be healthier and more robust, so picking one from a seasonal group will improve its chances of long-term survival. Flowers that tend to survive for the longest amount of time in water include roses, orchids, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, gladiolas and alstromerias. Most of these are available year round, so choose a bouquet that you think your teacher will adore, like this My Little Chickadee collection. When choosing a bouquet, you want to be sure that the colors are bright and cheery, and avoid a bunch that seems fit for Valentine's Day. 

For flowers that will last even longer, choose to gift a potted plant. Offer to do watering duties for your teacher to show how much you appreciate him or her. Some great potted plants that are sure to please include the Teleflora Sugar Maples bunch. This collection is perfectly suitable gesture to welcome fall. Try to choose a pot that is small enough to fit on your teacher's desk without taking up to much space. For example, bamboo requires little care and always looks great. Send the Teleflora Good Luck Bamboo to make a strong impression with your new teacher.

Trick Out Your Pot
Take your potted plant gift one step further by adding a few DIY touches before the first day of school. Make a little popsicle stick sign to place in the pot. To do so, just color a piece of cardstock like a matching flower and write a note that shows your appreciation. A cute little phrase could be, "Thank you for helping me bloom!" You can also take a paint brush to the pot itself and let your creative hands fly. If your teacher happens to teach math, paint a few equation problems on the side. If your teacher's subject is science, paint a test tube and microscope onto the side. 

Pick one of these ideas and you will be set for a great start to the upcoming school year. Flowers are no guarantee of getting straight A's, but they couldn't hurt. 

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