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Flowers fit for celebrities

Flowers are not only beautiful, they can also be quite mysterious and a bit hard to handle, similar to most celebrities. This could be why so many blooms have been named after famous stars. The Huffington Post recently compiled a list of flowers that are named after entertainers, and some are quite surprising. 

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was no stranger to being flashy, both with his wardrobe and the sets for his concert. The news outlet reports the late musician will be remembered for his stage presence with a unique rose – Rose Freddie Mercury. The bloom consists of soft yellow and apricot tones with dark green foliage. 

The fabulous Cher is another celebrity who can add being named after a flower to her resume. The Iris Cher is a stunning purple blossom that is delicate yet tough, just like the singer. Princess Diana is another famed celebrity to be represented with flowers. HuffPo reports the Clematis Princess Diana is her pretty bloom, which consists of pink petals and a yellow center.

More recently, Lady Gaga was gifted with not one, but two unique blooms in her name. Duke University researchers named a new genus of ferns after the pop star called Gaga monstraparva and Gaga germanotta.  

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