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Flower Designs and Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

For people living in smaller apartments, huge flower arrangements and centerpieces aren't always the most space-friendly options. Flowers and plants are a great way to brighten up any room, though, so living in a small space shouldn't keep you from using them in your decor. If you live in an apartment, and you're looking for ways to incorporate flowers into your home, take a look at these flower decor ideas for small spaces:

Use Succulents
Succulents are great apartment plants for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that they're very low-maintenance. Succulent plants, like jade, aloe and cactuses, don't need much water, and they can survive and thrive indoors. Keep succulents in a relatively sunny area, ideally by a window, and water them every few days when their soil is dry (even less during the winter). Teleflora's Peaceful Zen Garden uses succulents and bamboo for a beautiful and relaxing arrangement.

Create a Garden on Your End Table
To add some life to your living room, cluster several small vases and planters on one of your end tables. Put a different plant or flower in each vase and pot, and you'll have your own miniature garden to care for. Peace lilies and African violets are good flowers for planting indoors away from a windowsill, so both can be included in your end-table arrangement for a beautiful and eclectic look. 

Fill a Bold Urn
If you have some extra floor space in a corner or near a shelf, it may be the perfect spot for a large beautiful vase. Peruse discount department stores or resell shops to see if they have anything that will work. When you find one you love, fill it with long-stemmed sunflowers (real or fake!), some cool branches or a bunch of reeds. 

Brighten Your Bathroom
Add a vintage vase filled with seasonal flowers to the tank of your toilet or your bathroom counter to add a breath of fresh air to your small bathroom. Go for a colorful arrangement to create an eye-catching look you and your guests will love. 

Add an Orchid
Orchids are surprisingly easy to care for and can last for months, making them a lovely way to incorporate flowers into your apartment decor. Orchids are captivating and will create a statement on their own, so keep a tall one by itself on a table in your entryway or on top of a bookshelf. Teleflora's Imperial Purple Orchid comes hand-delivered in a beautiful bamboo container.

Line a Windowsill
Though they're sometimes overlooked, windowsills are an unexpectedly perfect surface to decorate in a small apartment. The decorations placed on windowsills won't be in the way, as they might sometimes be on coffee tables or countertops, and they'll catch the natural sunlight coming into the apartment. Line one of your windowsills with small decorative bud vases, each filled with just one or two flowers. The effect will be elegant and charming.

Incorporate Floral Prints
Real flowers aren't the only way to decorate a space: Consider using floral fabrics to brighten up a room. Even just a couple of throw pillows with an abstract floral pattern will look lovely on an otherwise patternless couch or bedspread. You can also frame pieces of fabric with pretty floral prints on them and hang them together for a mini gallery wall.

Plant Herbs in the Kitchen
If you have a windowsill in your kitchen, it's the perfect place to plant some fresh herbs for cooking. Herbs need a little bit of water and a good amount of sunlight, but they're otherwise pretty easy to grow and maintain. Plus, you'll save some money on groceries! Create a pretty indoor herb garden by painting small planters vibrant colors and clustering them on the windowsill.

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