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Enhance your Easter fete with fresh crafting ideas

The Easter holiday weekend is less than a week away, meaning those in charge of hosting festive gatherings this Sunday need to get a move on decorating to be ready. There are many ways to spruce up your home in honor of this all important holiday – from getting elegant floral arrangements to adorn the dinner table to setting up the Easter egg hunt out back for the youngsters. There's no limit to how fabulous you can make your upcoming fete. 

Good Housekeeping magazine recently broke down some creative ideas to help establish a stylish Easter theme. Here are the best options:

Easter egg tree
If you have decorated countless eggs with your kids, you might be wondering what the best way to display them is. The experts at the magazine recommend families create sassy, unique Easter trees to show off their craftsmanship. 

For this project, you'll need a few empty bottles, a glue gun and pretty ribbons, as well as branches, hollowed-out dipped eggs, feathers, and fishing line or other clear string. To begin, craft the base using the empty detergent, soap or other plastic bottles by securing the bottles of your choosing together with the glue. Next, wrap the bottles in the colorful ribbon and wait for it to dry.

While the base is drying, take the eggs and gently poke holes through them so you can attach the string and then tie each into a knot so the eggs will be able to hang from the branches. Do the same for the feathers. When the base is set, place the sticks inside the structure and then apply the eggs and feathers in any fashion you and the kids like. The pretty tree is sure to impress your party guests – both young and old. 

Flower egg vases
If your motto is less is more, than this next tip might be right up your alley. The egg flower vase is both simple and chic and requires just a few materials. You'll need a few hollowed out eggs (colored or natural) a small mirror or serving dish, candle wax and fresh flowers.

When you have the materials, start by hollowing out the eggs, making the open side big enough to pour water and place flower in. Next, attach the eggs to the tray or mirror using warmed candle wax and when each is dry, pour in a bit of water. Finish off the cute display with one fresh flower in each. 

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