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5 Winter Seasonal Flowers to Send Your Sweetie

Sending flowers has long been a way to show love, thoughtfulness and appreciation. A beautiful bouquet can brighten someone's day and make them feel cherished, so flowers are perfect for romantic gestures. If you're interested in sending flowers to your sweetie this winter, keep in mind that some blooms are much better suited for delivery during the winter season than others. Take a look at these five winter seasonal flowers to gift to your partner over these next few months:

1. Roses
For having such a fragile beauty, roses are surprisingly sturdy throughout most of the year. While rose bushes planted in gardens need some special tending over the winter, the popular flowers thrive indoors, and they're hardy enough to survive delivery in the cold weather. In fact, white and red roses are a very popular flower for wedding arrangements for just that reason. Plus, roses are the epitome of a romantic bouquet. Send your sweetie Teleflora's Shimmering White Bouquet this season, which pairs white roses with lilies and other lovely seasonal fillers. 

2. Lilies
Lilies are another very popular flower to send over the winter, especially when white, due to their elegant trumpet-shaped buds and long stems. While lilies come in many different varieties, Calla lilies are the most popular during the winter, followed by stargazer and casablanca lilies, which have different shapes and colors. Calla lilies are traditionally white, and are often used in white winter weddings along with roses. Send a loved one a Written in the Stars bouquet from Teleflora​, which uses asiatic lilies with seasonal white waxflowers. 

3. Phalaenopsis Orchid
Orchids are a stunning gift, and since they're a flowering plant, they can can last much longer than an average bouquet if cared for properly. Phalaenopsis orchids generally bloom in the winter or very early spring, so the colder season is the perfect time to send them as a gift to a loved one. Plus, orchids traditionally symbolize love and beauty, so they're a thoughtful way to share your feelings with your love.

4. Gerberas
Gerbera daisies are some of the more colorful winter seasonal flowers, so they're a wonderful gift for dreary winter days. The beautiful blooms look great as part of a combination bouquet or with other Gerberas in different colors. Plus, they're robust flowers that can stand up to harsh winter temperatures and will last weeks in a vase with proper care. Send your partner Teleflora's Gerbera Brights to add some vibrant beauty to their day.

5. Amaryllis 
Sometimes receiving a potted plant can be just as exciting as getting a bouquet – especially since potted plants can last for years! Amaryllis is a flowering plant that blooms over the winter, making it popular as a festive gift. Gift an amaryllis to anyone over the holidays, and they'll love the thoughtfulness. Teleflora's Merry Amaryllis is stunning and will put a smile on the recipient's face.

Teleflora offers same-day delivery from local florists, which makes sending a bouquet to your sweetie quick and simple. Plus, the flowers will be delivered by hand, not in a box!

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