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3 Really Romantic Summer Bouquets

3 Really Romantic Summer Bouquets

What else puts romance in the summer air like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Celebrate the gift of love and love of floral gifts with a fresh bloom. Whether you're enjoying an anniversary, birthday or just a warm summer night, you can dazzle your special someone with these stunning bulbs:

1. Teleflora's Turn Up the Pink Bouquet
Bubbling with perky pink gerberas, full orange roses, carnations and matsumoto asters, this bouquet is as colorful as a Van Gogh painting. And did you know that each color of a rose offers a distinct meaning? Orange roses conjure images of fire and glowing sunsets, so you can tell your special someone "I love you" with passion. Gerberas, meanwhile, belong to the same family as sunflowers, and are generally associated with cheerfulness. If you didn't even enough of the color pink, the bouquet is delivered in Teleflora's pink glass cube.

Send our Turn Up The Pink Bouquet
Turn up the Pink Bouquet - pink and orange flowers in a fuschia vase

2. Sunny Day Pitcher of Sunflowers
Who needs a pocket full of sunshine when you have a pitcher? Brighten your love's mood and room with a Sunny Day Pitcher of Sunflowers, bursting with large yellow sunflowers in a matching ceramic pitcher. In fact, sunflowers have long been a symbol of beauty, only complemented by their resemblance to the life-giving sun. These bright bulbs are perfect for a birthday or other celebration coming up in the summer months. So, if you're looking to sweeten the deal, this dazzling display is sure to impress.

Send Sunny Day Sunflowers in a ceramic pitcher
Sunny Day Bouquet of sunflowers in a ceramic pitcher

3. Full of Love Bouquet
The Full of Love Bouquet boasts titillating tulips and lush roses. There are also carnations and waxflowers, accented with fresh pitta negra and pittosporum. To carry on with the meaning of roses, pink ones represent gratitude. After all, saying "I love you" is just another way to say "thank you for all you have given me." Presented in a glass vase, this bouquet's name tells it all.

Send our Full of Love Bouquet
Full of Love Bouquet

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